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Export offers of the Ulyanovsk region companies

Industrial group "Microelectronic sensors" (IG MIDA)

Industrial group "Microelectronic sensors" (IG MIDA) since 1991 develops, produces and negotiate microelectronic pressure transmitters, additional functional devices under the trademark «MIDA». 

Devices successfully are used in systems of commercial accounting of power resources, in a business environment of gas production and gas transport, oil production and oil refining, power industry (which includes nuclear facilities), metallurgy, chemical industry and community facilities.

The range of measured pressure of our pressure transmitters from 4 kPa to 250 MPa, accuracy is from ±0,1 to ±0,5 %, the temperature measurement of liquid, gaseous media and melts can vary from -100 to + 500 oC. Every model is allowed for application on the NPP and has its modification for hazardous processes. The advantage of our sensors are small size, great accuracy and reasonable cost. Working life of our devices is 12 years. Devices have all necessary certificates, permissions and licenses, and our quality system complies with ISO 9001-2001.

Phone: +7 (8422)36-03-78
E-mail: info@midaus.com

ZAO "Promservis"
04.12.2016 15:46:00

Since 1992, ZAO "Promservis" offers to consumers effective solutions in the field of instrument metering, energy saving and vibration-based diagnostics.

The holding company "Promservis" operates successfully on the development and production of metering devices (heat meters, flow transducers and flowmeters), monitoring systems parameters for equipment diagnosing and control of production processes and energy consumption.

In addition, ZAO "Promservis" provides energy audit, mounting and service maintenance of energy-saving equipment, industrial safety expertise, training in the field of nondestructive testing and in the installation design and checkout of energy conservation equipment.

Phone: +7(84235) 4-18-07
E-mail: promservis@promservis.ru

OOO “PF “Inzenskiy Inzensky woodworking plant”
04.12.2016 15:51:00

OOO “PF “Inzenskiy DOZ” (the Production Firm Inzensky woodworking plant) is an up-to-date enterprise possessing with the complete spectrum of the necessary production equipment and accompanying infrastructure. A wide-scale modernization of the Plant facilities is going on; while this process the enterprise purchases high-technologic equipment, performs significant investment projects jointly with its foreign partners.

The main products of the company are

·  Flat-glued parts of bed frames;

·  Flexible elements of bed bases;

·  Hard-to-make curved laminated wood part (details of chair, sofa, armchair);

·  FK and FSF- grade birch plywood, in assortment;

·  Hulled birch veneer.

Phone:  +7(84241) 2-64-67
E-mail:  info@inzadoz.ru