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High tech for export

28.08.2017 09:31
The Ulyanovsk company "CGuard" was founded in 2011 and for 6 years has supplied GPS and GLONASS devices to Russian and foreign markets.
The co-owner and director of the company Alexander Esvitskiy noticed that the sky is the limit for international trade in 2017. "CGuard" have already delivered their products to 20 countries. The specialness of their products is the maximum reliability and diminutiveness -it is a defining factor in this business sector.

“CGuard” employees think products through and try to be as loyal to the clients as possible – managers provide a full cycle of support – from sale to subsequent maintenance. For example, "CGuard" supplied their products to India last year. And this year the same people applied to them for the state tender. They intend to order the equipment from Ulyanovsk again.

The new product of the company is CGuard Beacon which allows to track the location of values, cars without use of external power supplies, also it can react to the movement (when stealing for example). Now CGuard Beacon is sold abroad more than in Russia.
The key clients of the company are now in Mexico, USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Great Britain. Also product samples are already delivered to Australia, Papua New Guinea and other countries. The managers of the company are sure that by the end of the year volumes of deliveries to these countries will considerably increase.
Now a large number of companies are interested in their product: logistic companies, enterprises posessing fleet of vehicles - tracking of load, behavior of drivers, facts of theft of fuel and other unpleasant incidents is required everywhere. Products of "CGuard" allow to save huge amounts of money to these companies - 30% and even more.

The company has ambitious plans. Next generation communication has appeared, and by the end of this year "CGuard" are going to provide new test decisions based on new physical principles - tracking also, but not only about location, but also about telemetry, temperature, etc.
The export market is much more competitive because it accepts only professional companies that can manage production and sale of devices at the high level. The CGuard company participates in serious fight against competitors, but looks forward to win it and to expand deliveries.

If you are interested in this company's products, please, contact us:
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