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Russian aesthetics clinic is looking for suppliers of cosmeceuticals

Russian aesthetics clinic is looking for suppliers of cosmeceuticals
Бизнес запрос
The Russian company specializes in aesthetics and wishes to find suppliers of all sorts of cosmeceuticals (both skin and hair care products) in EU countries for cooperation in the framework of distribution services agreement.

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05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)

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Описание предложения
The Russian company specializes in esthetics is looking for suppliers of cosmeceuticals. The company was founded in 2013 and now it's one of the leading companies in the field of esthetical medicine. Among the company's clients there are medical centers, drugstores and beauty salons. The Russian company is interested in both skin and hair care products (facial and body creams, serums, tonics, shampoos, hair balsams, hair rinses, etc.). It is supposed that the required products contain natural extracts and provide with integrated care (both medical and esthetic). It would be nice if products' packages are already translated into Russian. It would also mean that the products are certificated in the territory of the Russian Federation. The Russian company renders only professional esthetics service it is interested exclusively in high-end products which can be used for professional cosmetic procedures (for face, body and hair care). The company wishes to find companies specializing in both manufacturing and selling of professional cosmeceuticals to establish cooperation under distribution services agreement. A potential partner is expected to supply its products in accordance with the contract terms to be discussed. It is to offer the most convenient logistics and payment terms. The expected cooperation result is the company's profit increase by sales gain.

Тип искомого партнера
Type of partner: SMEs, large companies. Field of activity: cosmetical industry, companies which manufacture cosmetical production. Role of partner sought: to obtain the company's production for further distribution. The Russian company is interested in all sorts of cosmeceutical, both for hair and skin care. The consignment will be discussed after the first contact with a potential partner.

Тип требующегося сотрудничества
Distribution Services Agreement

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