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Ukrainian producer of a powerful liquid fertilizer is seeking distribution in Europe

Ukrainian producer of a powerful liquid fertilizer is seeking distribution in Europe
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A Ukrainian company specializes in production of own liquid fertilizer for seedlings and plants. Fertilizer positively affects growth of a large range of crops. Based on the results of the fertilizer´s field tests, an increase in grain yields of up to 25 percent was obtained alongside with improvement in grain quality. The company seeks experienced distributors of agrochemicals and/or agro bio-chemicals to sign distribution services agreement for their local markets.

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Инновационные аспекты и преимущества
The technology used makes it possible to carry out the following important things: - change (improve) the water structure; - to transfer into water from biohumus biologically active substances (group of humic and fulvic acids); - dissolve in water in a much larger quantity than with simple mixing, useful mineral elements of all groups; - increase, by creating a favourable environment in the solution, the number of beneficial bacteria, which in the future allow the fixation of more minerals of the first group (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) in the soil, etc. The company can present tests of their claims.

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05009004 Plant health / 07004006 Garden and horticultural products / 09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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The Ukrainian producer of liquid fertilizer is looking for distributors across Europe. The main components of the fertilizer are biohumus and purified water. Biohumus is prepared by a special technology - it is processed by Californian red worms (that is, the worms overeat it). Thanks to fertilization, the soil is enriched with a useful microflora, and the plants are provided with favourable conditions for development. The attractiveness of fertilizers obtained from the vermicompost is due to their biological basis, which eliminates the threat of environmental contamination with harmful substances and allows using them in alternative agriculture. Liquid organic fertilizer-stimulator of new generation is obtained by cavitation extraction from universal organic fertilizer produced of manure by accelerated aerobic fermentation and contains humic substances, macro- and microelements, enriched by diazotrophs and phosphate mobilizing bacteria. All certificates that are required by EU is available. The company is focused on European markets, paying special attention to distributors who have connections with agricultural companies. In addition, the company are not imposing any minimum order quantities.

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03004001 Agro chemicals / 07001004 Crop Production / 07001005 Horticulture / 07001008 Seed coating / 10002011 Soil and Groundwater Pollution

Тип искомого партнера
Distribution partners must have some experience in agricultural sector of their country. The company are not imposing any minimum quantity demands and are looking for close relations with potential partners. An ideal partner may already be selling fertilizers, also seeds, pesticides, etc., but seeking additional products to add to its portfolio. The partner will be responsible for showcasing the products to its client base. Marketing support can be provided to distributors in order to implement sales and marketing strategy.

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Distribution Services Agreement

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