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Company dealing with metal products for waste management looking for partners for distribution and manufacturing agreement

Company dealing with metal products for waste management looking for partners for distribution and manufacturing agreement
Бизнес предложение
Company from Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is dealing with production of metal products for foreign market. Main products of the company are metal waste containers - ground and underground and cranes for emptying containers. The company is looking for establishing cooperation through distribution and manufacturing agreement.

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The advantage of the company is that they offer full care of waste. Besides different models of ground and underground models of waste containers that they offer, they also launched on the market the cranes for emptying containers which along with manual handling can be software guided so that the emptying of containers and waste disposal is very simple and requires only a driver in the vehicle. Innovation is also the device for washing and cleaning of the container which removes all the dirt from ground and underground parts of the container.

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08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)

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Company located in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina,is dealing with production of metal products. Main products are waste containers, but it also produces different metal products according to the orders and drafts of clients. In addition to production of semi and final metal products, special waste containers and cranes, the company is specialised in laser, plasma and gas cutting of sheets and pipes for the development of programmes for production of metal products, and it also deals with bending, punching, painting, welding and spinning services. They also offer all kinds of hot and cold rolled sheet metal. This is a 100% private family business which currently employs 50 highly qualified workers. Their biggest clients are big international companies from Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The company is interested in establishing cooperation through distribution and manufacturing agreement. Products are: Containers for waste. Above and underground, different models, materials and volume. Cranes for discharging containers with manual and software guidance. Washing equipment for containers, waste disposal vehicles. Complete production of containers, cranes and container washing machines takes place in their own production facilities. Installation and servicing of all products is ensured. Different metal products and constructions on demand and according to customer's designs or custom solutions. Services : Cutting of sheets of thickness from 0.2 to 300 mm, cutting of pipes up to Ø 500. Cutting is performed on CO2 laser, fiber laser, plasma or gas. Bending: Sheet metal sheeting up to 4000 mm in thickness up to 15 mm. Welding: Electro and Co2 Warm and cold chewing, plastification.

Текущая стадия развития
Company already sells its products on the territory of Europe, in Switzerland and Africa.

Тип искомого партнера
The company is searching partners for distribution services agreement and manufacturing agreement.Partner for distribution services agreements are expected to distribute the companies products and services to foreign markets and to help the company in this regards. Manufacturing agreement is expected to be the agreement between this company and foreign company where the company from BiH would be producing products for foreign partner upon their request. The results of these agreements would be increase of production activities of the BiH company, while the foreign partners would gain high quality products at their offer. The partners for both agreements could be either private or public owned companies and organisations.

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Manufacturing Agreement / Distribution Services Agreement

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