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French producer of cellulose & derivatives looks for distributors

French producer of cellulose & derivatives looks for distributors
Бизнес предложение
A French company specialized in high purity cellulose and dérivatives (resins, lignosulfonates, specialty chemicals) looks for distributors in Europe. The historical company has launched a new development phase in Western Europe and would like to welcome new business partners to sustain this development in a variety of industrial fields. Distribution services agreements are sought.

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Инновационные аспекты и преимущества
Best in class cellulose, resins, viscose, éthers, paper pulp to be used in a wide variety of processing industries. The French company offers its full marketing support to its partners active in B2B wholesale and distribution abroad. The international coverage enables ultra fast Customer response and assistance. Continuous investment in new technologies provide the latest quality level any Customer could expect.

Коды рыночных применений
08001016 Commodity chemicals and polymers / 08001017 Industrial chemicals

Название центра
Тестовый центр

Описание предложения
As a leading global supplier of high-purity, cellulose specialties, lumber, paper pulp, paper and paperboard products, the French company builds on more than 90 years of experience to provide its customers with exceptional quality, service and value. The French company produces: - Acetate used in plastics, films, textiles and filter products - High-value ethers used in paint, industrial coatings, food and pharmaceutical products - High-strength viscose used in tires and food products - High-value specialty products used in automotive filters - Fluff pulp used in baby diapers and other personal hygiene products, pet pads and food grade absorbent pads - Chemical Products - Lumber - Paper Pulp - Paper - Paperboard The acetate-grade cellulose produced serves as a global benchmark for filtration applications. The French company also produces the only wood-based cellulose specialties fibers pure enough to be used in the highly demanding manufacture of LCD screens. When clarity and “touch” are essential, their unique and innovative products can be relied on to deliver the expected results. The French company also runs a chemical products division, including resins and lignosulfonates, which are supported by a dedicated technical sales team. Notably, lignosulfonates are residuals of the specialty cellulose manufacturing process – co-products rooted in renewable biomass. The French company manufactures a full range of resin products that meet stringent customer and regulatory requirements: - Powder and liquid phenolic and amino resins used to make forest products such as plywood, OSB (oriented strand board), and MDF (medium density fiberboard). - Specialty resins used in insulation, abrasives and truck floors. The company also distributes emulsion waxes to the OSB Industry, serving customers as a convenient single source for both resin and emulsion wax requirements, and also makes formaldehyde, used in resin production. Last but not least, the company manufactures a complete line of lignosulfonates – co-products refined from residuals of the specialty cellulose manufacturing process. Lignosulfonates serve as natural binding agents and dispersants, with applications in such industries as: - Agriculture - Carbon black - Concrete admixtures The French company is one of the few suppliers with a full range of calcium-, sodium-, and ammonium-based lignosulfonates. Efficient worldwide and local distribution help the company meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide. The company is now looking for new distributors to expand its market base in Europe. Distribution services agreement are sought.

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Trade Marks

Технологические ключевые слова
07002002 Paper Technology / 07002003 Pulp Technology

Тип искомого партнера
The French company looks for distributors able to provide a scientific based sales speech, with industrial experience in pulp, cellulose and paper derived chemicals. A well established Customer base would be very welcome. No need for advertising means, because the French company will provide what will be necessary to market the products properly. Direct aftersales service would be a plus.

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Distribution Services Agreement

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