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An Israeli company providing consulting and training on food safety and regulatory affairs for food importers, exporters and industrialists is seeking partners for commercial agency agreement

An Israeli company providing consulting and training on food safety and regulatory affairs for food importers, exporters and industrialists is seeking partners for commercial agency agreement
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An Israeli consulting & training firm specializing in the fields of food regulation, product safety and quality, environmental care is seeking collaboration with similar companies abroad. The firm is interested to provide services to those aiming to operate in the Israeli market. Advantages include ability to use innovative IT systems for remote consulting and training activities. Ideal partners would be local specialists of the same nature in their countries, under commercial agency agreement

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The company has developed an innovative fully computerized consulting and training system servicing its various fields of expertise. The system can convert classroom training into remote web lectures, reducing the need for expensive travel and accommodation costs. The company's training methods focus on behavioral based aspects of employees with the goal of embedding a culture to support organizational goals. The company's specialists are all highly qualified with extensive industry experience. This allows for the provision of a top level of professional service. The company is a market leader and provides services to the major organizations operating in the Israeli market.

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05008002 Food and feed ingredients / 05009001 Food & feed ingredients / 07005004 Education and educational products and materials / 09003005 Consulting services

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The company is Israel's largest provider of consulting and training in the fields of food quality and safety and food regulatory affairs. In addition, the company offers consulting services in the field of environmental care as well as innovative training solutions in its areas of expertise. The company's customers include largescale multinational firms with a presence in Israel and also major Israeli organizations involved in a wide range of activities: food, packaging, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, communications, construction, government agencies, NGOs and more. The company is located in the center of Israel and operates throughout the country, employing over 40 full-time skilled specialists. The company's team members are highly experienced professionals who held key positions in the Israeli industry and in certification bodies. The company is seeking joint ventures and potential customers in the following fields of activity: 1. Consulting services for food importers and exporters and for manufacturers interested in operating in Israel. The services include:  Registration of importers and assistance with the issuance of import permits for various food products  Product labeling for the Israeli market (also for EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).  Keeping current on food regulatory affairs (including publication of a periodic bulletin)  Food innovation (Novel Foods)  Expert opinions for legal purposes  Food additives and supplements  Training The company not only clarifies new requirements for its customers, but also helps reduce the potential risks for to business and reputation, resulting from these requirements. The company is deeply involved and updated in the latest developments in food law, regulations and standards in Israel. In order to enter new markets, the company would like to locate representatives in other countries, who would be able to assist in marketing the company's activities in local markets under commercial agency agreement. 2. The company's environmental care division provides organizations with a wide range of consulting services including clarification and interpretation of the local regulatory labyrinth, performing due diligence audits and accompanying organizations in implementation of certifiable environmental management systems such as ISO 14001. 3. The company provides innovative training and learning solutions in Israel and abroad in the fields of product quality and safety, food, feed and pet food regulation, supplier qualification and quality, environmental care, occupational safety and health. Training solutions include computer-based learning (on line courses, webinars, e-learning). The company has developed highly effective training methods aimed at modifying employee behavior in strictly regulated industries.

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08001002 Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food / 08002002 Food Microbiology / Toxicology / Quality Control / 08002003 Safe production methods / 10001002 Assessment of Environmental Risk and Impact / 10001006 Protection against intoxication

Тип искомого партнера
-TYPE - business, trade -ACTIVITY - agent / representative (companies) with experience/ knowledge in regulatory activity in food industry, the companies of the same activity as this Israeli company, international relations companies specializing in food industry regulations, and/or environmental management and/or training activities related to these field. -ROLE - the partner is expected to locate food manufacturers going to Israeli market and to: a) bring them in touch with the offered Israeli company, b) provide them for the Israeli company web tools, c) consult the Israeli company / Israeli food manufacturers going to their markets on food regulations in their countries under commercial agency agreement

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Commercial Agency Agreement

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