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Demonstrative bio-refinery to scale-up the production of bio-products and bio-fuels from biomass.

Demonstrative bio-refinery to scale-up the production of bio-products and bio-fuels from biomass.
Технологическое предложение
A Spanish public research centre has developed a demonstrative bio-refinery for scaling-up the biological production of bio-products and bio-fuels from biomass, mainly lignocellulosic or wet fermentable biomass. The centre offers to companies and R&D centres technical cooperation agreements, services agreements or joint R&D&I agreements related to this technology, according to the technical capacities and objectives of the potential partners.

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Инновационные аспекты и преимущества
The most innovative and differentiating aspect of this demonstrative biorefinery is the relevant size of the basic operations and technologies. A steam explosion reactor of 400 l and a fermenter of 20.000 l, almost industrial, allow companies to obtain more reliable information for process scale-up. The infrastructure, able to treat 1 ton of dry biomass per day, focuses on efficiency, cost reduction and validation of new bioconversion process. Besides the size, its main characteristics are: - Constructed for research. It has an extended control process where every parameter is registered to obtain the necessary information to determine the technical and economic viability. - Flexibility to develop several processes from very different raw materials. It is able to integrate different technologies temporarily, especially in up-stream and down-stream zones. - Robust equipment, which allows the development of innovative processes. - Modular, bearing in mind two points of view: a) it can work on areas and processing units in isolation without using the whole plant, and b) it can be likely to expand to other technologies not covered in the initial project. - Sustainable in terms of energy consumption and effluent management.

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04007 Enzymology/Protein Engineering/Fermentation / 05008002 Food and feed ingredients / 06003009 Biomass and Biofuels / 08004 Pollution and Recycling Related / 09 OTHER

Название центра
Тестовый центр

Описание предложения
A Spanish regional research centre, with extensive experience in process related to agri-food and forest R&D, has recently built a public demonstrative bio-refinery. This centre offers the demonstrative bio-refinery infrastructure for researching the production of high added-value bio-products and biofuels from biomass. The installation is dedicated to scientific research, scale-up experiments and development of new processes and innovative high-added value products from lignocellulose and fermentable biomass, both residual and cultivated. This demonstrative bio-refinery has the four following infrastructures: - The UP-STREAM unit aims to transform raw lignocellulose biomass into a fermentable carbon source. This unit consists of solid biomass storage (4x35 m3), mills for herbaceous and woody biomass (200 kg/h), extractor with vapour (3 m3), two-step steam explosion reactor (400 l, up to 21 barg) and solid/liquid separators (15 m3/h). - The MID-STREAM unit. Its objective is to transform biologically the carbon source generated in up-stream in different products of interest (biofuels, building blocks, etc.). It consists of microbiology laboratory for micro management, bioreactors for hydrolysis and fermentation (2x3 l, 2x30 l, 1x300 l, 1x3.000 l and 1x20.000 l), systems for sterilization, substrate preparation, addition of sterile reactants, cleaning in place, and other utilities. - The DOWN-STREAM unit aims to concentrate and purify the products of interest from the remaining fermentation broth. It is prepared to work with explosive atmospheres (ATEX). This unit is composed by harvesting tanks with capacity to act as an extractor: 1x10.000 l (ATEX), 1x10.000 l (no ATEX), 1x1.500 l (ATEX) and 1x1.500 l (no ATEX), microfiltration system (1 m3/h) and centrifugation system (1,5 m3/h) (ATEX). - The ANAEROBIC DIGESTION unit is a modular and transportable pilot plant. This unit can develop experiments of anaerobic digestion of organic biomass (400 kg/d) to produce biogas and bio-fertilizers. The centre offers the demonstrative bio-refinery infrastructure to companies and research centres that need to scale-up their development of new products or process to a pilot or demonstrative scale, before entering into the industrial phase, to obtain high added-value bio-products and biofuels from biomass. These activities can be carried out through services or technical cooperation agreements. The centre is also looking for research cooperation agreements with partners interested in joint R&D and innovation projects.

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Secret Know-how

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01004006 Environment Management Systems / 04005006 Solid biomass / 04006 Biogas and anaerobic digestion (AD) / 06006 Industrial Biotechnology / 10004003 Wastewater Recycling

Тип искомого партнера
- Type of partner sought: Companies and research centres. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Development of high added-value bio-products and biofuels from biomass. - Task to be performed: Collaborate in the scale-up of innovative products and process from laboratory scale to pilot scale to validate the technological and economic feasibility, before entering in an industrial phase. This service can be provided under a services agreement or a technical cooperation agreement, depending on the technical capacities of the partner. For research cooperation agreements, the partners will collaborate in different tasks of the project in order to develop the optimal solution.

Тип требующегося сотрудничества
Services Agreement / Technical cooperation agreement / Research cooperation agreement

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