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A Lithuanian SME is looking for a natural plant extracting technology

A Lithuanian SME is looking for a natural plant extracting technology
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Based in Lithuania, the SME is expanding its business adding a new specialization to their profile - production of dry plant and fruit extracts using supercritical carbon dioxide method. The company is looking for a technology and/or equipment company, for a collaboration opportunity under the commercial with technical assistance, joint venture agreement or service agreement.

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05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified) / 05009001 Food & feed ingredients

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Lithuanian SME is looking producing plant extracts is looking for the opportunity to diversify and expand their business portfolio by offering a new product for food, medicine and animal feed producers. The company is planning to produce dry milled plant and fruit powder and currently seeking a supercritical fluid extraction technology-enabled device. This method allows a 100% natural extract production. The extraction proceeds in low temperatures as allowing final product be free of heavy metals, preservatives or solvents. As a result, this process enables a production of microbiologically clean plant extracts. Plant and fruit extracts produced using supercritical carbon dioxide can later be used as a material for cosmetics, food and animal feed products. The enterprise is looking for a company, producing such machinery or offering production services to SMEs. The Lithuanian company ideally is looking for a commercial agreement, however, they would consider joint venture or service agreement to set up a partnership.

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06001013 Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering / 08001004 Food Processing

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The Lithuanian company ideally is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance, where a partner would supply the machinery and ensure its technical maintenance. However other alternative agreements such as joint venture or service agreement would also be considered providing they would show a significant advantage. Supercritical 5L CO² Extractor System with a 5 to 12 liter extraction vessel. System also need to have an additional drying chamber, where it would produce dry powder material from the extract fluid.

Тип требующегося сотрудничества
Services Agreement / Commercial agreement with technical assistance / Joint Venture Agreement

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