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Italian company involved in marble and granite production looks for manufacturing agreements
Бизнес предложение
Italian company, located in the Sicilian province of Palermo, is involved in the field of cutting of marble and granite. The company offers to manufacture its products for potential partners under the frame of manufacturing agreement.
Technology for production of a household appliance for automated preparation of drinking melt water without artificial filters and chemical additives
Технологическое предложение
A Russian company from Novosibirsk developed a technology for production of an automated devices for making clean and healthy drinking water. The treatment method is based on the principle of natural water purification through freezing and melting, without artificial filters and chemical additives. The company is offering a license agreement.
Water sports equipment producer is looking for distributors.
Бизнес предложение
Polish company, local leader in the field of producing skimboards and wakeskates is looking for foreign partners that wish to be their distributors (preferably exclusive ones) in countries all over Europe.
Manufacture of automobile top coat liquid paints
Технологический запрос
An Indian company, engaged in manufacture of coatings, metal pre-treatment chemicals, automotive and industrial paints, powder coating paints.is seeking technology collaborator (s) and joint venture partner for top coat paints, including coatings used in cathode electronic deposition (CED) process for automobiles. Joint development, commercial agreement with technical assistance and training are also sought.
Complete and innovative sheet metal storage system with smart sorting including stock accounting
Технологическое предложение
A Swedish company is offering a complete and patented sheet metal handling system that is fully automatic and stores, sorts and keeps stock accounting. This efficient system consist of a software and crane with vacuum lift that redistributes stored sheets. The storage system increase production efficiency, frees storage space and improve working environment. The company is looking for distributors for commercial agreements with technical assistance, licencing and industrial investors.
Laser-beam diagnostic complex for treatment of oncologic diseases by methods of surgery and photodynamic therapy as well as operative diagnostics on a real-time basis
Технологическое предложение
A Russian company operating in the field of laser medical equipment manufacturing has developed a production technology for the laser medical-diagnostic complex with a feedback system intended for the treatment of oncologic diseases and operative diagnostics on a real-time basis. Use of the given complex will help to lower the excessive thermal action on healthy tissues. The company searches for partners to transact commercial agreements with technical assistance and for technical cooperation.
Print media company seeks new and innovative products
Бизнес запрос
A UK print media company is seeking new and innovative products in this field from Eastern and Central European markets. They are offering their services in the UK as trade intermediaries (agents / distributors) to manufacturers.
Slovenian food oils production company is looking for suppliers of dark green pumpkin seeds and other types of seeds and nuts.
Бизнес запрос
Slovenian food oils production and distribution company is looking for an exclusive sales company or exclusive supplier of high quality dark green pumpkin seeds and other types of seeds and nuts. The company requests commercial or distribution agreement.